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New Album "My Homage" by FAYRO is what The Industry's been Missing

Today a bomb has been dropped and Fayro has released his 11th Album "My Homage." and is FREE! My Homage is not just an album but a dedication to the legends who inspired Fayro throughout his career. The album is 11 tracks of remakes that give the listener a blast from the past just by pressing play.

Lead with the single "In the Socket" My Homage was fully produced by FAYRO with some co-production by partner Cymphani Cyrine. Cymphani also produced track 3 "Hooked."

My Homage tells a story but also brings great memories from some '90s and 2000s favorites.

Along with the album Don't miss the World Premier of the "In the Socket" video that will air on Brink TV. You can watch the Live Stream on Brink TV

Watch it Live Tuesday Night 3/21

9:00 pm Comcast 6 Mobile, AL

9:00 pm Comcast 31 Memphis, TN

12:00 am Comcast 29 Atlanta, GA

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