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FAYRO’s Latest Video “In the Socket” is Now on Comcast in Memphis

It's that time again. Fayro has entered the Brink TV Countdown with his latest video "In the Socket". For those in Memphis you can catch the video on Comcast Channel 31 at 9pm in the Brink TV U Live Countdown every week. The video can also be watched on Comcast Channel 29 in Atlanta at 12:30am as well.

To keep this video in the countdown please click the link below and vote Monday- Friday.

For website issues your vote can be counted by emailing Brink personally. Follow the instructions below and let's keep "In the Socket" on Brink TV for 8 weeks and it will be retired by a celebrity. This will be the 3rd video that will be retired from the countdown.

Subject : Countdown Voting

Body: In the Socket by Fayro

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