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What goes into a video by Fayro? Many may not think to wonder; however this is a question that is worth exploring. Every video produced by the visionary and his team has many layers from many different angles, including the latest video circulating "Aye Yo"

"Aye Yo" the second single from the album "Year 422" is not only full of high energy and pop/reggae musical influence; the video succeeded in giving us all a blast from the past that was highlighted in Fayros recent FB and IG Video with the caption "Fayro vs Everybody". The artist captures moments in the Aye Yo video that showcased dance moves all the way from Usher, Chris Brown and Michael Jackson. Fayro was also able to capture the fun similarities between his video and these timeless videos by the legendary artists.

Fayro thanked the legends in his Social Media Post, stating he would be nothing without the musical influences of his time.

Fayro would like to thank all of the supporters on his journey and asks that you continue to support in your own ways.

Aye Yo is streaming on your favorite video streaming platform right now! Check it out!

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