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Fayro Drops the Heat with 'I Handle My Business' - Empowering Hustlers Worldwide to Grind and Rise

Exciting news for all Fayros fans out there! Today, June 2nd, marks the surprise release of Fayro’s “I Handle My Business”. This single is a remastered version of one of the most popular songs from his 2019 album “Next Summer” and is produced by the talented Cymphani Cyrine.

The single “I Handle My Business” is a reflection of Fayro’s journey in the music industry. It talks about the challenges he faced to reach his current position and how he overcame them. This song serves as a reminder that anything is possible if you are willing to work hard and stay focused on your goals.

“I Handle My Business” is available exclusively on This is a chance for you to get your hands on the single before its official release. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to listen to Fayro’s latest masterpiece.

Fayro has once again proven his prowess in music with “I Handle My Business”. This single is a testament to his dedication to his craft and his passion for music. It is a must-listen for all music lovers and is now available exclusively on

Get your copy today and be one of the first to experience Fayro’s latest masterpiece.

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