Skills: Artist, Entertainer, Songwriter, Host

Genre(s) Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Pop, RnB

Assosciated Acts: Image, Cymphani Cyrine

Aspiring to break his way into a new era of music, the Award Winning Multi-genre Artist Fayro is a striving artist from Memphis, TN with a mission to inspire positive change in the world. Fayro speaks life through his lyrics, and each song holds a message of meaning and positivity. He is known for his astounding stage presence and unique sound.  This artist is soon to be a standing legend in the world of not only Hip Hop but music as  a whole. 


Early Life & Teenage Years

Known best for his versatility and energetic stage presence; FAYRO(pharaoh) was born Andres Pierre Jr on June 13, 1988. He​ is an Artist/Entertainer/Songwriter from Memphis, TN.  Music has always been in Fayro's DNA. His grandfather was in a band and played drums. Following in the family footsteps he  entered a school talent show and won 2nd place in the 6th grade and by 13 he began singing in the choir at church. At the age of 15 hanging out with friends they decided to write a rap song and record the song. Fayro states when he heard his voice played back it was then he decided that being an artist was the path for him. Departing from High School Fayro. then under the name Neff took on music more seriously and recorded his first project, promoting it in his hometown Memphis before departing to the Military in 2008.



While in the Military 2008-12 including one year overseas in Iraq the rapper continued working on his craft, making beats, writing and even performing while in the military. 

Associated Acts

Image: Image, A Hip Hop, R&B Group including FAYRO, LB (LoverBoi), Gunna & Playboi was a popular group in Colorado Springs. The group took Colorado by storm performing at the hottest clubs and opening up for many mainstream acts in the city. IMAGE recorded 3 projects including Invasion, DubInvasion as well as many singles. The group ended in 2015 

Cymphani Cyrine: In 2013 Fayro met and began working with Music Producer Cymphani Cyrine. It was after the release of Follow Me in late 2013 that the artist, producer relationship started to form. The duo began to work on many projects together including the first album Pharaoh and many others totaling to about 12 released projects to date including albums, mixtapes and singles. Cymphani began to take on the roll of assistant ant later on Manager to the artist.

A dedicated solo artist since then, Fayro has performed hundreds of shows including headlining acts for mainstream artist, self promoted, birthday parties, weddings etc. Being an artist has led him to meeting many industry talent which created opportunities like collaborating with Memphis Legend Lil'Wyte (Don't Get Robbed single) as well as DJ Unk (Speak Easy single) in 2016. Among these opportunities. Fayro has been able to create a catalog of music gaining him fandom and award nominations. The artist has also been nominated for many awards and took home Video of the Year in 2017.The artist has hosted radio shows on the Made Sounds Media network including Parking Lot Pimping and Morning Coffee with Bidi, as well as hosted his own live shows and live events for his own TV show 901 Indy Underground.

Between the years 2015 and to date FAYRO has released 7 albums, 7 Mixtapes and many singles in between. His most popular 2019 single "Weight On It" hit over 200K streams across all platforms and is still climbing today. His most recent mixtape "Out the Barrel" released 9/27/2021 as a prerelease for the next album. Fayro is currently working on the full album Weight On It which is set to be released 2022.




YEAR 420 2019

Booby Grabs and Booty Roobs 2018

Vampires & Werewolves 2018

Memphis 2017

False Advertisement 2016

Pharaoh 2016


Pressure 2021

Get On the Floor 2021

Weight On It 2020

Don't Get Robbed ft. Lil Wyte 2016

Speak Easy ft. DJ Unk 2015 (YouTube) 

Roots 2016


Out the Barrel 2021

Breach the Industry 2. 2021

Breach the Industry 2019

Just Cuz 2018

The Black Light 2016

Dabs and Collabs 2015

RISE 2015

Awards & Nominations