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Fayro is a 3x billboard charting artist and talented musician hailing from Memphis, Tennessee. Born to an African American mother and a Panamanian father, his music reflects his diverse cultural background, and his main genres are hiphop, pop, and reggae. At the age of 15, Fayro visited a recording studio for the first time and knew that he wanted to pursue music as a career. He continued to write songs and even entered a talent contest at his school, although he did not win.


After graduating from high school, Fayro's brother Arcelio passed away from leukemia, which motivated him to enlist in the military to support his family. While serving in the military, Fayro survived a helicopter crash with no injuries. He was able to heal from the crash and finish his military tour, during which he performed for thousands of soldiers.


After finishing his tour, Fayro moved to Colorado and pursued a degree in Graphic Arts while networking and performing at shows. In 2013, Fayro met and began working with music producer Cymphani Cyrine. The duo began to work on many projects together, including the first album Pharaoh and many others totaling to about 17 released projects to date, including albums, mixtapes, and singles.


Fayro has performed hundreds of shows, including headlining acts for mainstream artists, self-promoted shows, birthday parties, weddings, and more. Being an artist has led him to meeting many industry talents, which created opportunities like collaborating with Memphis Legend Lil'Wyte (Don't Get Robbed single) as well as DJ Unk (Speak Easy single) in 2016. Among these opportunities, Fayro has been able to create a catalog of music gaining him fandom and award nominations. The artist has also been nominated for many awards and took home the Video of the Year in 2017. In 2022, Fayro was nominated in many categories at the Brink TV Show Awards and is nominated for Artist of the Year 2022 at the SEA Awards. Fayro has also appeared on TV multiple times, showcasing his musical talent to a wider audience.


Fayro's music carries a message of meaning and positivity, and he speaks life through his lyrics. His most popular 2019 single "Weight On It" hit over 200K streams across all platforms, and his most recent album "Year 422" was released in November 2022. Fayro's resilience and determination have helped him overcome challenges and pursue his dreams of both music and acting. Fayro's record label, Arcelio Productions, is named after his late brother, Arcelio, and he believes that there is no reason to wait to be signed when he has been holding his career for so long. By starting his own record label, Fayro can remain in control of his music and continue his dreams.




My Homage 2023

Another Christmas 2022

Year 422 2022

Out The Barrel 2020


YEAR 420 2019

Booby Grabs and Booty Roobs 2018

Vampires & Werewolves 2018

Memphis 2017

False Advertisement 2016

Pharaoh 2016


Pressure 2021

Get On the Floor 2021

Weight On It 2020

Don't Get Robbed ft. Lil Wyte 2016

Speak Easy ft. DJ Unk 2015 (YouTube) 

Roots 2016


Breach the Industry 2. 2021

Breach the Industry 2019

Just Cuz 2018

The Black Light 2016

Dabs and Collabs 2015

RISE 2015

Awards & Nominations

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